The Ascension Package

The Ascension Package 

"It takes courage to grow and become who you really are"

~ EE Cummings 

Spiritual seeker are you ready to level up?  Are you ready to utilise your glorious gifts and tools so you can step into your Truth, Light and Power?


Are you ready to show the world your Divine Nature?


At the very point of your origination, before incarnating upon this Earthly plane you were given gifts and tools to utilise during your incarnations as a human being.  Yet throughout our time here we are faced with choices that we need to make, some honour who we are at Soul Level, some however do not.  It is at this point that we begin to move away from how we are designed to operate, and these choices become patterns, and these patterns of behaviour become engrained in our very nature, seeping down from lifetime to lifetime. Until we reach the point that we are at today.


Soul Realignment harnesses the wisdom held within the Akashic Records.  This wisdom allows us to see what patterns (often Karmically created) are upheld at a Soul Level, and most importantly how they show up as a block or a restriction within our Divine Soul Blueprint.  It is these blocks and restrictions, our karmic patterning that disrupts access to Divine Source and Vital Force Energy and thus we find it difficult and, in some cases, impossible to move forward in life in a state of empowerment and joy.


Crystal In Blooms Ascension Package is designed to take you on a journey whereby we’ll meet the Truest version of yourself.  It is designed to show the adventure that will open up before you as we work with your Divine Gifts, your Manifesting Blueprint, your Sprit Guide Team, the uniqueness that is YOU.  We will together clear the life limiting blocks and restrictions currently held within your Divine Soul Blueprint, we will pave the way for you to step into your own magnificence.


These sessions work within both the 5th and the 7th Dimensional aspect of yourself, but most importantly we will ground the knowledge that is held at these dimensional aspects into your physicality.  This is where you will see transformation and become who you know you are designed to be.


The Ascension Package requires discipline and dedication and is not for those that do not want to see a change within their lives.  They are power-packed sessions designed to create forward motion. 

Included within The Ascension Package:


All sessions within this package are conducted via Zoom (calls last between 60-90 minutes).

Each session will include written reports and analysis, homework to be done between sessions, touch-base calls and email follow-ups.


  • First Session: Soul Realignment Cornerstone Reading

This is the first port of call for these sessions!  We discover who you are at Soul Level – these are your Divine Gifts; Soul Specialisations; Soul Group of Origination; Life Themes; Spiritual Support and how connected you are to your intuition.  We look at past life karmic patterns and associated blocks and restrictions, present life karmic patterns and blocks and restrictions – all clearing work will be completed by myself prior to our call. This session is based around your Divine Soul Blueprint – held within the Akashic Records at your 5th Dimensional aspect.

You’ll go away with your own 21 Day Clearing Homework to work through before the next session.  


  • Second Session: Manifesting Blueprint

Your Manifesting Blueprint is held within the 7th dimensional aspect of your being and shows us HOW you were designed to create.  The great news is that you are already manifesting – every single day! However, the magic of the Manifesting Blueprint is that it assists us in experiencing and expressing our Divinity.  The best thing is when we are actually DOING our Divinity we have access to more Vital Force Energy – the more access we have the more in-flow we are, the more we create what we want to create! The Manifesting Blueprint therefore tells us how our Soul experiences it’s Divinity whilst we are incarnated – and it is especially useful when we are looking to create something in our lives – whether that is a new job, new relationship, new home, better health – you name it – the world is literally your oyster!

  • Third Session: Calling in your Spirit Guide Team and your Soul Energetic Matrix

In the third session we will bring in succinct advice from your Team in Spirit.  We have such support available to us so let’s utilise it!  A Course in Miracles says that “If you knew who walks beside you, fear would be impossible’!

Your inner Spirit Guide team usually is made up of 1-6 guides (depending on your age etc. etc.) You will have had one guide with you from the very point of your birth and then gather more guides as you move through your childhood and teenage years.  We also attract other “special” guides that come to us when we have decided to embark on a particular journey in life – they also offer us guidance and we can tap into their wisdom if that’s applicable to you!

Pre-session I will ask for any questions that you’d like to pose to your Team, and we’ll dive into their guidance surrounding that as well as another other advice that they want to you know at this point in time. 

During this session we’ll also do a dive into your Soul Energetic Matrix.  Your Soul Energetic Matrix will show us how (at the time of the session) you are placing your energy – have you stayed in alignment, or do we need to tweak what you are doing daily!  It’s a fun way to see how you’re getting on and adds another layer on how you do your Divinity!


  • Fourth Session: Your Freebie

This is the last session in The Ascension Package collection! During our final time together, we will go over anything that has flagged up and potentially look at another round of clearing for you, this second round of clearing will often focus on Ancestral and Genetic issues – it is possible over the course of six months that things may have come up that really are not resonating with you and again this can be as a result of karmic influences.

We will tap back into your Spirit Guide Team and seek more succinct advice, as well as have a look at your Chakra System, the placement of your Vital Force Energy from a Manifesting Blueprint perspective and see if we need to make any changes with how you are creating. 

The Ascension Package is designed for on-going work with me, the time frame is up to six months.  Due to the duration of this work if you feel like you need a pre-booking call then please do pop me an email I am very happy to answer any questions that you have!

The Ascencsion package is £400.  (This includes a free session worth £111).