Spiritual Empowerment Sessions

Spiritual Empowerment Sessions 

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As most of us know we go through layers of healing, this work takes time – it’s not a quick-fix, some of us have years of learned behaviour, patterns and belief systems to re-negotiate.  We have new action steps that we are busy prioritising, but life will always throw us curve balls now and then and this is where my Spiritual Empowerment Sessions come in, these sessions are designed specifically to help you hone in on what you feel is blocking you AND specifically how you are going to create what you want to, because as I’ve said many times before ~ we are co-creating with the Divine.


These sessions look very specifically at your current situation – things that are feeling “off” or not quite right are often a sign that we have an opportunity to do some clearing work!  During these sessions we look at where your placing your time and attention (this is all held within your record – be prepared to be a little bit freaked out by what I’ll be able to see 😉 ) and how you’re going to bring your focus back to where it should be, we’ll clear another layer of blocks and restrictions as they crop up, call in your spirit guide team for very succinct guidance on how to move forward and my favourite bit – if you have an intention (say for example to set up a new business) we can see how likely you’ll be successful at doing so – reading the “future” Soul Realignment style! 


Really think in the terms of Spiritual Life Coaching Meets Soul Realignment – because that is exactly what these sessions are designed for! 


As with my Soul Realignment Cornerstone readings you will go away with your homework (cue round two of the 21 days homework!) all the notes we've discussed during your session and a clear picture of how you're going to implement any changes needed.  These sessions are booked as a block of four and will take place every 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly aligned you become with your mission!


Included in your sessions:


  • Recorded Zoom Meeting 
  • All session notes
  • 21 days of clearing homework
  • Succinct Spirit Guide advice 
  • Soul Energy Matrix guidance and realignment tips 
  • Clearance of Blocks and Restrictions
  • Future telling Soul Realignment style

Block of four sessions are priced at £222 

**Don't forget to use your 10% discount voucher received after your Soul Realignment Cornerstone Reading at the check out!**