Soul Realignment Empowerment Sessions

Spiritul Empowermen and Soul Realignment® Sessions

Soul Realignment® Cornerstone Reading

Soul Realignment® is an intuitive healing and wisdom-based modality which harnesses your Akashic Record. These sessions unlock your true Divine potential and are designed to reconnect you to your soul gifts.  

Spiritual Empowerment Sessions


Spiritual Empowerment Sessions ~ where Soul Realignment Meets Spiritual Life Coaching.

These sessions are designed for succinct, powerful guidance to allow you to fully integrate your Divine Self-Expression into your life. 

From 6th July 2020 unitl 7th September 2020 I am not taking on new clients.  Should you wish to be put on my new client waiting list please use the contact form below and I shall touch base with you as soon as possible, Kristy-lee xox


Chakra Analysis Sessions

The chakra analysis is an in depth look at how your chakra system is functioning, which chakras are balanced and which are not.  When we have this understanding we are able to see what areas of our life may be out of balance and can course-correct accordingly.