Chakra Analysis Sessions

Chakra Analysis Session


Our chakras are invisible wheels of energy, when they spin in a healthy balanced way everything flows, we are full of vitality and vigour. They exist in the three-dimensional aspect - our physical body, as well as our fourth dimensional aspect - our mental and emotional body. Keeping them balanced so energy can flow freely is key to living optimally.


The chakra analysis is an in depth look at how your chakra system is functioning; which chakras are balanced and which are not - which ones have too much energy flowing through and which ones have too little.  When we have this understanding, we are able to see what areas of our life may be out of balance and can course-correct accordingly.


This really is a fabulous session!  All notes are sent to you via email (unlike my other readings this one does not require a face to face "meeting").  The notes include information about each individual chakra point from your Root all the way to your Soul Star, whether it is functioning correctly and if it isn't, how that will be showing up in your everyday life. 


The reading notes contain the physical, mental and emotional signs that the chakra is not performing optimally but crucially I give you self-exploration questions for you to dive into each chakra point and all the tips and tricks that you'll need to rebalance those chakra points that are out of whack!


Having a chakra system that is fully aligned allows for such a beautiful flow of energy to enter in and ultimately allows you to have the physical, mental and emotional energy that you need to create the life that you want to create. 

Session Cost: £33