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Soul Realignment® 

There are moments in our lives when we hit a brick wall, no matter how much we try and hurl ourselves over it, knock it down or skirt around it just seems immovable and utterly impossible. 


Sometimes we get to the point in our lives when everything crumbles around us and we are left with very little, feeling like there has to be more. 


Maybe we reach a point where we are absolutely sure that we aren't being who we were born to be.


These situations are all part of our human existence but that doesn't mean that we should not seek the answers that will create light, love, abundance and a sense of connection.  In fact, there has never been a safer time in history to seek and find the answers to these questions.


This is where Soul Realignment® comes into its own.  An intuitive healing, wisdom-based modality harnessing the Akashic Records to unlock our true Divine potential and clear any negative karmic patterns that we may have been carrying with us for many past lives.

Every single one of us has an array of beautiful gifts that we have been blessed with, tapping into these gifts at soul-level enables us to truly live within our own divinity and create the life we truly desire. 

As a Soul Realignment® Practitioner it is my gift to help you realign your life with who you are at soul-level.  It's about helping you discover your gifts and how to live your most soul-filled life.  You'll be given the tools and the knowledge of how to step out into your divinity during your everyday life, it's the small things that create the biggest impact here.

Soul Realignment® Cornerstone Reading

What can you expect in one of our sessions?

Once I have received some basic information from you I am able to work some magic within your Akashic Record, it's at this point I gather all the information about who you are at soul-level and any negative karmic patterns that you are struggling with in this life-time.

Included in the readings are;

  • Your Divine Soul Blueprint
  • Soul Specialisations
  • Life Lessons
  • Karmic Patterns - Past Life and Present Life
  • Clearing of Blocks and Restrictions 
  • 21 Day Transmutation of Energy Clearing Homework
  • Written Report
  • On-going Support and Guidance 

From there we arrange a convenient time for me to share your reading with you.  I offer reading sessions in person, via Zoom or Skype. All sessions are recorded so you don't even have to worry about taking notes! 

Post session I will be back in contact to make sure all is well and answer any questions that may have cropped up.

The cost for the Soul Realignment® Cornerstone Reading and 21 day post support is £88  

There is no-doubt that my Soul Realignment® sessions can be both empowering and life changing!  To help you maintain focus and create the changes that you desire I offer the magic of creating a bespoke crystal~flower grid just for you as an add-on.  For this, post-session we look at areas of your life that need a little extra attention.  You co-create the grid with me - we look at crystals that will help remove blocks and get those good vibes flowing!  The end result harnesses the healing qualities of crystals and aids the manifestation magic that has been created through our sessions together.  Not only that, it is something you can treasure forever.

Once your Soul Realignment Cornerstone Reading is complete you'll automatically qualify for a 20% discount off the price of your bespoke grid. Bespoke Crystal~Flower grids prices start from £60.

Need to know more about crystal grids and their magical powers? Click on the button below for more information.

Advanced Readings

*** Please note: Cornerstone Readings are required before any advanced readings can be booked.***

Life Situtation Readings ~ £44

Life is tough sometimes!  Sometimes no matter how much inner work we do things just crop up.  This session is perfect after you have gone through your Soul Realignment Cornerstone Reading with me but life is throwing curveballs left, right and centre!  We'll work together to uncover any karimic issues that are coming up to the surface that require clearing and we go forward with intention and purpose.

Relationship Readings ~ £44

Relationships are a huge part of our human experience and are integral to our personal growth.  It is in our relationships that we explore ourselves and others sometimes in ways that are good for us and sometimes not - it is all part of our "learning" whilst incarnated.

The Relationship Reading offers you a chance to gain clarity and insight into this often complex part of our existence and is designed to discover any blocks and restrictions that may be present and that are negatively affecting your growth and ulitmately clear anything that is detrimentally affecting the relationships.  Knowing who someone at soul-level is hugely beneficial to create understanding, deeper love and compassion for each other.

This reading is relative to all relationships; whether that be romantic partnerships, parent/child relationships, siblings, best friends or business partners.

Stand Alone Readings

Chakra Analysis ~ £33

Our chakras are invisible wheels of energy, when they spin in a healthy balanced way everything flows, we are full of vitality and vigour. They exist in the three-dimensional aspect - our physical body, as well as our fourth dimensional aspect - our mental and emotional body. Keeping them balanced so energy can flow freely is key to living optimally.

The chakra analysis is an in depth look at how your chakra system is functioning, which chakras are balanced and which are not - which ones have too much energy flowing through and which ones have too little.  When we have this understanding we are able to see what areas of our life may be out of balance and can course-correct accordingly.

Unlike the readings above, my detailed Chakra Analysis is delivered to you via email.

If you have any further questions then simply use the 'contact Kristy-lee' button below:



Soul Realignment®

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