Empowered Soul Sessions

Empowered Soul Sessions


Your actual session will not be booked in until the 11th January 2022 as I am fully booked until that date.***

Are you ready to level-up?

Crystal In Bloom's Empowered Soul Sessions are based on three levels of Soul Realignment Training, plus Blueprint Manifesting and Money Intuition – they are ONLY designed for those of you that have had your Cornerstone Reading with me.  This is a preqrequisite before embarking on this journey.


These sessions are designed to work with where you are right now, tailor-made to help you step further into living your Divinity, you already know who you are at soul level, now it's time to honour that.


What makes these sessions truly special is that we can really begin to hone in on where you are focusing your energy from both a fourth and third dimensional level.  This is all about mind and action and see if you are in or out of alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint.


By focusing on how you are designed to operate we can make sure that you are living the highest expression of youself.  Do you need rigid structure to your day to maximise your potential?  Or can you create in a more free-form way?  What do you want to create and how are you designed to create?  Most importantly we are going to be working with the uniqueness that is YOU.


Simply put these sessions are all about the combination of healing and strategizing.



Included in the Empowered Soul Sessions: 

  • Zoom Meeting approx 60-90 mins with recording post session
  • Life Situtation Reading - where applicable this will include 21 days clearing homework and a written report
  • Soul Energetic Matrix - 5D and Current 4th and 3rd D Check-in with analysis 
  • Manifesting Blueprint - 7D and Current 3D check-in with analysis
  • Chakra Analysis and Related Supporting Guidance
  • Spirit Guide Profile and Guidance
  • Homework and Strategy for the Following 4-6 Weeks
  • Email Follow-ups Between Sessions

Your initial session is free, for our time together during this session we will have an informal coffee and chat and spend some time together where we can get to the nitty-gritty of what’s going on in your life right now and most importantly, you’ll be setting your intention of what you want to create going forward.

The price for the Empowerment Session is: £100

Any further questions please feel free to email me, I am always happy to answer anything that is on your mind with regards to these sessions.