Bespoke Crystal Grids

Why use crystal grids?


Such a great question, a lot of people ask this!  Before we step into answering that though we need to talk about crystals so let's get metaphysical......


Crystals are an abundant beautiful material that Mother Earth has blessed us with. They are slowly formed over time and have what crystalologists call the Lattice Effect.  This refers to the actual structure of the crystal. Crystals are made in such a way that an energy field is created both within and around itself.  It is that which makes them truly magical and it is this energetic field that we can harness with crystal grids.


Historically, crystals have been used for thousands of years! Historians and Archaeologists have traced the use of crystals as a healing modality back to the Ancient Sumerians (around 5000BC).  These guys adorned their gold jewellery with Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian because they believed that this would provide them

with protection and ward off evil spirits!  Take note, we still do this



So, we know that crystals have awesome energetic properties and we can also use them for specific reasons - we harness both these factors in making crystal grids.  We can create specific templates and use these to place our chosen crystals into certain

patterns that we can use to manifest our hopes, dreams and loves.  That is simply the beauty of a grid. Here at Crysal In bloom I use two grid templates;The Flower Of Life and Metatron's Cube. 


The Flower Of Life


I absolutely adore this template, and you'll typically find it used in the majority of my art work this is because (aside from its actual beauty!) it is one of the most widely used geometric symbols.  Essentially it is made up of 19 overlapping circles which create the most amazing flower-like effect.  The circles are arranged in a hexagonal shape that you can see running around the edge of the symbol.  It is this hexagonal frame work that we see repeatedly in nature and architecture.  The flower of life is simply the blueprint for the universe! 


Metatron's Cube


Metatron's Cube looks completely different to that of the flower of life symbol however, in essence it's not terribly dissimilar.  It also contains geometric shapes that are considered sacred; circles, hexagon and the triangle form it's basis.  It is believed to be the building blocks of the universe.  Metatron's Cube holds the core energy of Archangel Metatron, I guess I need to introduce him! 


Archangel Metatron is often thought to be one of the New Age archangels, although he is mentioned in the Gnostic, Hebrew and early Kabbalah texts.  Metatron is the right-hand man of God, he's been known to be referred to as the architect of the universe.


Using Metatron's energy in a crystal grid is going to be powerful and for that reason I use this template for very specific manifesting reasons.



I fell in love with the notion of using my crystals to manifest specific dreams and aspirations within my life. Wanting to spread this love far wide, Crystal In Bloom was manifested into being!







Pre~Made Crystal In Bloom's Crystal~Flower Grids

Each of my pre-made crystal~flower grids are harnessed with flower power, infused with reiki healing energy and love in various manifesting greatness - focused on different aspects of our lives - all good to go!

Love Grid

This grid oozes love appeal, whether you  have your soul mate and want a little injection of love and romance into your life or are looking to attract the "one" - this grid is made just for you!

Home Grid

The home grid brings love, light, joy and laughter into your home.  A wonderful New Home present for yourself or someone special.

Abundance Grid

Who doesn't need more abundance in their lives?!  Whatever you need to bring into your life, this grid is just perfect for you, it helps to focus your intentions no matter what it is you want to attract.

Energy Grid 

The Energy Grid is perfect for those wanting to bring balance into their life.  Using crystals for each specific chakra point and flowers to amp up the beauty this is a must to balance the emotional and physical body.

The Magic Grid

This grid weaves it magic into your life, creativity, artistic expression, flair and panache! Add a sprinkling of love and viola - perfect for any room, office or work studio.


Angelic Connection Grid

This beautiful crystal~flower grid draws in our connection to the Angelic Realm - because sometimes we need a little angelic guidance now and then! This grid can be used as a meditation tool to allow clear reassurance, a little extra love and any protection that you need from your angels and spirit guides.  Or you can simply hang it on your wall to remind yourself that we are always wrapped in angelic love and light.


Please  Note:

I am currently NOT taking orders for my bespoke Crystal-Flower Grids.  I do have a selction of pre-made grids in stock priced at £80 each.  

Feel free to pop me an email for further information: