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Crystals hold such magical, mysterious wonder - I find  them utterly captivating and I marvel that they can hold so much power.  I adore the beauty that the earth provides us with and so I guess it's not entirely surprising when I say I also adore flowers!  Growing them, cutting them and arranging them so I can gaze upon their beauty and be intoxicated by their scent in my home.  I love history, art and architecture ~ Crystal In Bloom is founded on my love for all of these.  I am Certified Spiritual Life Coach, an Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, a certified Crystal and Chakra Healer, Angel Oracle Card Reader and  I hold my First Degree in Usui Reiki.

As a Spiritual Life Coach and an Advanced Soul Realignment® practitioner I am able to work within your own Akashic Record to identify and clear anything that is holding you back in this lifetime from living the life you desire. Realigning yourself with your own Divine Soul Blueprint is simply the greatest gift you can give youself. The work I do within coaching and the Soul Realignment healing modality allows you the space to get super clear on what you want to create in your life, guided by me in a sacred space that we create togther it is bot empowering and nurturing.  For more information pop over to my Soul Realignment® page.

It is my mission to create beautiful pieces of art that harness the healing qualities of crystals and combine this ancient healing modality with flower symbolism.  I believe that these two amazing materials work  harmoniously along side each other and together create stunning pieces of art. 


All of my art is bespoke, intuitively made and infused with Reiki love, no one piece is the same, each commission is based on your individual needs. For more information be sure to wander over to the Bespoke Crystal Grids section of this site and for more information on the use of flowers in my art work then you can head over to my Flower Symbolism page. 

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I live in the Kent countryside with my daughter and two dogs.