Bespoke crystal flower grids
Soul Realignment™
Soul Realignment™
Flower Symbolism

Welcome to Crystal In Bloom! 


This is the home of bespoke crystal~flower art and 

Soul Realignment®.  It is here that I combine two beautiful healing modalities that sets you on the road to empowerment and transformation.

I truly believe that we are capable of greatness and it is our Divine right to lead a life full of joy, blessings and beauty.  My work within the Akashic Records allows me to access anything that is holding us back and tying us to a life that is not in alignment with who we truly are, by clearing these blocks and restrictions we are able move freely into our Divinity. 

My crystal~flower grids are intuitively made and work harmoniously alongside my Soul Realignment® sessions. Each and every one is infused with Reiki healing and love, deep in the Kent countryside. Find out more about my grids and Soul Realignment®

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